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Wunder Mobility will power Kinto Share Platform in Costa Rica

German-based Wunder Mobility, a leader in the global transition to sustainable movement, announced it will power the car-sharing services, Kinto Share, for Purdy Group in Costa Rica. As the first carbon neutral certified automotive company in Latin America and a globally recognized mobility leader, Purdy is one of the largest companies in the Central American country, making it a strategic partner for the largest-ever expansion into Latin America of Wunder Mobility.

Kinto Share is a carsharing service that offers hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles to rent on an hourly or weekly basis, among other functions; also known as a multi-modal Maas (Mobility as a Service) solution. Given the country’s high mobile phone adoption and transition to green energy sources, it is no surprise Costa Rica is the first country in the region to welcome Kinto. The new platform will enable Costa Ricans the option of not just accessing Kinto’s flagship carsharing service, but also a “one-stop shop” for a variety of mobility solutions, including bus pickups, and electric scooters.

Costa Rica is a nation of just over 5 million people, meaning it is likely that the expansion of Wunder Mobiliy will not stop there. Given the mobile phone penetration rate in Latin America and the attractiveness of shared, cheap and green modes of transport, the Kinto Share Platform is likely to succeed and subsequently expand into neighboring countries.

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