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Focus China News Roundup- Issue #48

Every fortnight we compile a list of important news updates and events covering the Chinese FINTECH, MFGTECH, CLNTECH, and AGRTECH sectors.

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Beijing Stock Exchange’s first test conducted
Beijing Stock Exchange’s first internetwide test was conducted. It mainly tests the technical preparation of each market participant for the opening of the North Stock Exchange. Under the test environment, many securities brokers have reformed the App, and some have added a “Beijing Stock Exchange zone” in the App.

Huawei Pay launched
Huawei Pay has been launched. The application scenario is Huawei Developer Conference 2021 ticket sales. Pay for huawei Developer Conference 2021 tickets by scanning the “Huawei Wallet” code, and enjoy an immediate discount of 50 CNY.
Yun Li is the Chief Technical Expert at Huawei

Some Alibaba’s apps have been connected to wechat Pay
Alibaba’s ele. me, Youku, Damai, Kaola.com, Shuqi and other apps have all been connected to wechat Pay. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) demanded that platforms remove the blocking of other payment channels.
Steven Shen is the Director of Operations at Alipay

Wechat Pay and UnionPay realize mutual recognition
Wechat Pay and UnionPay are promoting deeper connectivity in payment and service. Users can use UnionPay scan the wechat payment code in provincial capitals.
Jenny Lau is the Business Development Manager at Wechat Pay

Alipay has opened online payment scenarios to Unionpay
Alipay has opened its online scene to UnionPay, covering 85% of Taobao merchants in the first batch. Alipay and UnionPay realize mutual recognition of payment code scanning in many cities, and plan to cover all cities
nationwide by March next year.
Steven Shen is the Director of Operations at Alipay

Payment fee of small and micro business will cut
Payment and Clearing Association of China actively organizes member units to implement the work of reducing payment fees. Some commercial banks and payment institutions have reduced or exempted some fee items in advance.

Weimeng and Tencent cloud, Tencent security reached strategic cooperation
Weimeng reached strategic cooperation with Tencent Cloud and Tencent Security, and jointly established the “Private domain security Laboratory” to create a private domain security integration solution covering the whole operation process.
Gang Wang is the Senior Manager at Tencent Cloud

Xiaowang Technology completed round B financing of about 100 million CNY
Xiaowang Technology is a corporate finance and tax service provider. The funds raised in this round will be mainly used to expand channels, expand user groups, continue to increase investment
in product research and development, increase the thickness of products, and expand industry solutions to 100 fields.

Xunlian Cloud got 100 million CNY A+ round of financing
Xunlian Cloud completed 100 million CNY A+ round of financing, which was sole invested by Pacific Alliance Investment Group (PAG). This round of financing is mainly used for product research and innovation, market layout and risk control management system construction. The business of Xunlian cloud is to solve the problem of intelligent invoice process and centralized control.

The State Council encourages the development of commercial health insurance
The State Council encourages commercial insurance institutions to provide comprehensive health insurance products and services in various fields such as medical
treatment, disease, rehabilitation, care and maternity, and gradually include the application of new medical technologies, new drugs and new devices in the scope of commercial health insurance.

Shanghai publishes data regulations draft
The draft includes details on the protection of data rights and interests, such as standardizing the use of facial recognition technology, strengthening automated decision-making supervision, creating a public data authorization operation mechanism, launching a pilot project for data asset certificates, and establishing and improving a data transaction service system.


Guiyang starts digital village
Guiyang has made great efforts to build Gui’an into a pilot of digital villages. Guiyang will focus on rural Internet infrastructure, information transmission channels and information service capacity construction to improve the quality of rural communication network.

Jingdong Group and Haiken Group reached a strategic partnership
The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on smart agriculture, smart supply chain, warehousing and logistics, industrial platforms and rural revitalization. They will comprehensively promote the development of smart agriculture and advance the reform and development of hainan’s agricultural reclamation.
Daniel Tan is the Vice President at JD.com

Yunnan Agricultural Group Green Food Digital Center was established
The center aims to demonstrate the achievements of “green food, agricultural and forestry resources, and agricultural services” of Yunnan Agricultural Group with digital technology, realize the integration of digital economy and real economy, open up online and offline sharing platforms, and boost the construction of “digital Yunnan”.

Bayer opened its Forward Farm in Asia Pacific
This is the 24th Forward farm that Bayer has established in the world. The farm has completed preliminary construction in eight areas, including integrated pest management demonstration, digital agriculture, product safety management and soil and water protection.

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