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Mercado Libre Offers Trainings to Sellers Through an Online/Offline Courses Platform

Last month, Mercado Libre, the Argentinian e-commerce giant, launched a courses platform tailored to offer training to their sellers.

Through a combination of face-to-face and online interactions, learning takes place both at their offices in Saavedra, Buenos Aires, and through virtual modules. At their physical offices, sellers — who have previously probably only interacted with Mercado Libre through a computer screen — get to meet Mercado Libra representatives in person. This allows for sessions to take place in groups of 20, where participants brainstorm solutions to common problems; something very difficult to achieve online.

The objective of Mercado Libre is to offer support to both the online and offline presence of the businesses that constitute their platform. According to the company, 80% of the businesses listed on the marketplace are Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) — companies of less than 10 employees — that have both physical and online stores. For many family businesses, which account for a significant percentage of the SMEs, the younger generation caters to online sales, while the older sticks to traditional offline channels. By increasing the interaction among the constituent parts of the ecosystem, a stronger sense of unity is fostered and synergies can circulate.

Internally, Mercado Libre aims to create 1,500 new positions to run, manage and promote their new program in Argentina. Since the pilot program has shown promising results, there are expansion plans in Mexico and Brazil, where most of their market is concentrated. It will be interesting to see whether the training programs become one of the permanent services of the company, and whether other e-commerce platforms replicate or emulate this.

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