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Maverick China Releases “Online Payment and E-Commerce in China 2012” Report

The absence of a well established credit card network in China has led to the growth of alternative online payment systems. Cash-on-delivery payments – once the payment option of choice for many Chinese consumers – have dropped from 22.4% to 11.6% in the overall market, and some sectors have seen even sharper declines. In consumer electronics, cash-on-delivery is down from 31% to just 12.5%. Payment for clothing, sporting goods, and accessories has also largely shifted away from cash-on-delivery, dropping from 21.9% of transaction volume in 2009 to just 13.9% in 2012.

Arlyss Gease, report writer and analyst at Maverick China Research, commented: “The decline of cash-on-delivery really signals an overall shift towards electronic payment channels, especially payments processed online. The report also highlights the role of third party payment providers in China, who process roughly as many transactions as credit and debit cards put together.”

ONLINE PAYMENT AND E-COMMERCE IN CHINA 2012 covers the key factors shaping the development of online payment and e-Commerce in China, profiles key payment providers, and forecasts future trends in payment. For more information, please see the report page on Maverick China’s website or download the report brochure.

About Maverick China Research

Maverick China Research is a China-based research firm founded in 2006. Maverick China Research has published over 20 major reports on key industries in China and provides customized research and consulting services covering a broad range of sectors, including e-commerce, payments, medical devices, and cleantech.

For more information on this report or the company, please contact Grace Chia by phone at + 86-10-6416-2686 or by e-mail at grace.chia ( @ ) maverickchina dot com.

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