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Maverick China Research Announces Release of New Report

 BEIJING, CHINA, Jan 03, 2014 – Maverick China Research is proud to announce the release of the first issue of 2014’s Maverick Analysis series – Key Factors Shaping the Future of Mobile Payment in China.

China is home to the largest mobile network in the world, with millions of new users added every month. In the past ten years, Chinese consumers have widely adopted electronic payment services, including bankcards, online payment, and contactless smartcards. The convergence of the mobile and e-payment industries is creating numerous opportunities for new services and inter-industry partnerships.

The report pinpoints and examines the key factors that are shaping the future of mobile payment and m-commerce in China:

Table of Contents
• Defining Mobile Payment
• A Late Start to Electronic Payments
• Government Regulations and Payment Licenses
• Consumers Still Paying with Cash (but Less)
• Bankcards Issued: 3.5 Billion
• Mobile Users in China
• Mobile Internet Users: 420 million
• Third-Party Payment Remains the Channel of Choice
• Taobao and the Dominance of the Alibaba Group

About Maverick China Research

Maverick China Research provides B2B market research and market entry services for clients seeking to develop and expand their operations within the Chinese marketplace. Maverick’s clients range from small SMEs to large multinationals and include companies entering China, expanding their business in China, or making investment decisions about Chinese companies.

Maverick China has published over 40 major market reports on key industries and companies in China and provides customized research and consulting services covering a broad range of sectors, including e-commerce, payments, medical devices, and cleantech. Typical projects include market entry feasibility studies, partner searches, and business due diligence. To learn more about the company, please visit www.maverickchina.com.


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