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Maverick China Research Releases Report on Consumer Payment Trends In China: Online Purchasing Q1 2012

Maverick China Research releases report on Consumer Payment Trends In China: Online Purchasing Q1 2012


August, 2012 — CONSUMER PAYMENT TRENDS IN CHINA: ONLINE PURCHASING Q1 2012, the latest release from Maverick China Research, draws from 500 interviews conducted with Chinese Consumers. This study focuses on various factors such as income, age, and geographical region and how they contribute to shaping consumer payment behavior.

According to Consumer Payment Trends in China: Online Purchasing Q1 2012, a recent report published by Maverick China Research, about 85% of Chinese consumers chose payment by a third-party provider as their favorite payment method.

Arlyss Gease, report writer and analyst at Maverick China Research, commented: “For this study, we cross-analyzed a lot of our findings by income, age, location, and sex. Some responses – like how much money an individual spends online a month – vary significantly with different breakdowns. Payment channel preferences saw some variation too, but a preference for third-party payment providers was universal across all of the consumer categories.”

Although use of debit cards, credit cards, and cash payments is becoming prevalent among Chinese consumers, China remains focused on third-party payment providers. According to Maverick’s study, 98% of participants recognized Alipay, China’s leading third-party payment provider, and about 80% had used Alipay at some point in the past month.

CONSUMER PAYMENT TRENDS IN CHINA covers the important factors driving the development of consumer payment in China. The report examines and evaluates consumer behavior and offers a detailed analysis of consumer payment trends in China. More details on the report can be found on Maverick China’s website.

About Maverick China Research

Maverick China Research is a China-based research firm founded in 2006. Maverick China Research has published over 20 major reports on key industries in China and provides customized research and consulting services covering a broad range of sectors, including payments, e-commerce, medical devices, and cleantech.

For more information on this report or the company, please contact Boaz Rottenberg by phone at 64162686 or by e-mail at boaz.rottenberg ( @ ) maverickchina dot com.

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