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Maverick China Research Releases 2011-2012 Mobile Payment in China Report

While licenses played a critical role in clarifying the government’s intent for the sector, the last few years have also seen a number of other key developments related to m-payment. Vastly improved smartphones, along with the recent popularity of iPads and other tablets, have made the experience of shopping through such devices more compelling than ever. Contactless payments have become a commonplace transaction method, as millions of commuters use transportation cards on subways and buses in their daily commute. The growth of e-commerce and online payment has created a massive user base that is comfortable with electronic purchases and payments.

Maverick China managing director Dave Carini said, “When we released our first major report on m-payment in China in 2006, we noted that despite no shortage of optimism and investment, China simply wasn’t ready for mobile payments. Even as online payment, bankcard usage, and other forms of e-payment flourished in subsequent years, we kept to that position.

“Heading into 2012, however, it is clear the situation has changed. While many familiar obstacles to development remain — inconvenience for users, security concerns, and lack of product choice, to name a few — we are cautiously optimistic about the prospects for China’s m-payment market.”

The report also contains expanded coverage contactless payments (NFC), the evolving market for mobile apps in China, and forecasts of m-payment growth and major trends through 2015. More information about the report, including the table of contents and list of figures, is available on the Maverick China Research website at www.maverickchina.com/mobilepayment2012.

Mobile Payment in China: 2011-2012 Edition was undertaken in partnership with Wirecard AG, a leading provider of electronic payment and risk management services.

About Maverick China Research

Maverick China Research is the leading provider of market research and strategy in China’s e-commerce and electronic payment sectors. In addition to our regularly published market reports, we also conduct customized research projects and provide market entry services for clients seeking opportunities in China. Areas of focus include mobile payment, online payment, prepaid products, credit and debit cards, remittances, and contactless payments. Typical projects include feasibility studies, partner searches, due diligence, and long-term sector tracking.

To request more information about this report or learn more about Maverick China Research, please visit www.maverickchina.com or contact Boaz Rottenberg at boaz.rottenberg@maverickchina.com.

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