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4th Annual Payment Innovation (China) Convention 2014 – Beijing, 5-6 Jun, 2014

Maverick China Research is a Media Partner for the 4th Annual Payment Innovation (China) Convention 2014 on Jun 5-6, 2014 in Beijing. For more information, click on the banner below.

 Key Issues To Be Discussed Including:

The status quo, focal points and mega-trends in China’s payment market
Regulatory mechanisms perfection and payment security technology innovation
Non-bank payment solution and prepaid payment services providers plan to meet the new demands and business trends
Opportunities and challenges in payment market of big data era
Internet finance: Under the new pattern of industry background
The market dynamic and potential of cross-border payment solution
Mobile payment, smart payment: Ascendant market with golden opportunities
Mobile payments goes rural: The new gold market wait for exploration

Why You Should Attend PICC 2014?

Seize the unique opportunity to network with the leading executives
Participate in workshops on the latest strategies, share best practices with your market peers
Discuss all the pressing issues with industry experts
Access a comprehensive overview and debate how it can be improved
Establish partnerships with the most important solution providers doing – or planning to do business in the region

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