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Financial Channels and Payment Innovation China 2011 – Beijing, December 8-9, 2011

Maverick China Research will serve as a Media Partner for the upcoming Financial Channels and Payment Innovation China 2011 on December 8-9, 2011 in Beijing, China. (This conference was formerly known as Cards and Payment China 2011,scheduled for Dec 5-6 in Shanghai). Reference Maverick China by using priority code GLI-MRC and get 10% off regular rate! For more information, click on the banner below.

Cards and Payment China 2011 is an extension to the 5th Annual Payment China 2011 event held earlier this year in May. The new government licensing requirements for third-party payment providers has brought about obstacles and opportunities. Other interesting developments such as plans for the new financial ID Cards are also drawing increased interest to the payment industry. This conference serves to provide a setting for government institutes, banks, third party payment providers and other parties in this ecosystem to come together for greater discussion on the progress of cards and payment industries in China.

This two-day conference is organised by Global Leaders Institute.

Topics include

  • Future trends of payment industry
  • Global credit and prepaid card markets
  • Progress of new financial identification cards
  • Examining the safety and convenience of mobile payment
  • Opportunities for operators in m-payment

On the second day of the conference, attendees can choose from two tracks, Prepaid Cards and M-Payments, for more in-depth looks in those areas. Please refer to the Agenda for more information.

You can register here for your conference tickets.For further questions, please visit www.cardspaymentschina.com or contact Michael Du at +86-21-3251-6012 or michael.du@globaleaders.com.

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