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China Airline Booking & Payment Summit 2009 – Shanghai, October 29-30, 2009

China Airlines Booking & Payment Summit 2009 will focus on exploring the growing market for booking and payment solutions in China’s airline industry. For more information about this year’s event, please click here or on the banner below.

As more airlines develop interactive, value-added websites and more passengers make purchases online, third-party payment providers are working more closely with airlines to develop effective payment methods. China Airlines Booking & Payment Summit 2009 will address these and other key issues, including the following:

  • Major online booking and payment challenges for China’s airlines
  • The future role of the major domestic online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Ctrip, Elong and Mango
  • Specific solutions the airlines are looking for to support their global online booking and payment strategies
  • China’s airlines views towards alternative payment methods
  • How fraud is currently viewed by airlines in China

For more information about this event, please contact Jeni Walters at jeni.walters@qisevents.com or +86 21 5169 6210.

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