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Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2010 – Beijing, May 27-29, 2010

The Global Mobile Internet Conference 2010 (GMIC2010) is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, executives and influencers to understand and capitalize on the growing opportunities in mobile internet. The event will be held on May 27-29, 2010 in Beijing. Much of the conference dialogue is intended to compare and trade best practices across borders, especially between the East and West. Around 1000 industry leaders from Asia, Europe and North America are expected to attend.

In 2009, more than 500 participants from China, Japan, Korea, Europe and the US attended the GMIC. Over 200 companies were represented including Alibaba, Infinity Venture Partners, NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom, Tencent, DCM, China Mobile, Admob, China Unicom, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Sequoia, Northern Lights, Sina etc.

Features of the GMIC2010:

  • Keynote speeches from top global mobile internet leaders
  • Country panels on the mobile internet industry in China, Japan, Korea, Europe, USA
  • Innovation Show featuring pioneering mobile internet startups from around the world
  • Topic Panels: Mobile Gaming, Mobile SNS, Mobile Marketing and Advertising, Mobile Search, Mobile Investing, LBS, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Payment
  • Exhibitions from leading mobile internet companies
  • VIP Welcome Dinner for speakers and international visitors including a panel on “How to Do (Mobile Internet) Business in China”
  • Great Wall Club member annual meeting

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