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Mobile Payments & NFC Asia 2011 – Hong Kong, July 13-15, 2011

Maverick China Research will serve as a Media Partner for the upcoming Mobile Payments & NFC Asia 2011 conference on July 13-15 in Hong Kong. For more information, click on the banner below.

Mobile Payments & NFC Asia 2011

“Strategies for NFC Commercialization, Moving Ecosystem Development Forward…”

Conference – 13-14 July 2011

Post Conference Workshop 15 July 2011

Venue – Smart Eaton Hong Kong

Conference will explore the focus & priorities of the industry:

§  How do we ensure successful cooperation amongst the relevant parties (from mobile operators to banks to handset and device manufacturers)?

§  How do we successfully align financial services with NFC & mobile payments systems?

§  What mobile payment business models have the greatest promise in China?

§  What are the driving forces for the success of mobile payments in China?

§  What will be the impact interim bridge & emerging new technologies?

§  What are the strategies for NFC commercialization & developing the ecosystem forward?

§  How should we build the profitability case for banks and operators?

§  How do we simplify the partnerships, and strengthen the wholesale relationship between banks and operators?

§  Can we reach a standardized NFC ecosystem and how close are we from this?

§  What improvements can we make to the device applications and interface and also reader mode applications?

§  What other solutions can be offered to fast forward NFC mobile payments?

§  What is the biggest momentum for NFC mobile payments?

…Get ready to iron out the current challenges and aim to move forward with the best strategies…join the experts!

Listen to the key Stakeholders as they share various Mobile Payments & NFC experiences in the transportation industry, mobile payments, loyalty systems and mobile wallets, and what have they learnt on the way, and vision ahead….

Mobile Payments & NFC Asia 2011 will feature many case studies from Asia – listen to new developments in China & Asia as it represents a huge market for players and understand where the opportunities are for future alliances & partnerships. Get to know new partners and connect for future business.

Get good insights and connect with the right business partners!

Position yourself for new opportunities in the growing mobile payments industry and get the latest news and developments from the experts! Meet high level representation from banks, government, telecom and monetary authorities, mobile operators, mobile payment technology solution providers, mobile device application providers, merchants & leading retail chains, transportation providers, NFC technology & solutions providers at the event.

We have gathered the industry’s experts to share their vision, experiences, perspectives and expert views of the past, present and future of mobile payments & NFC. Listen to new and updated presentations on various countries deployment of NFC mobile payments. Learn new strategies and get the latest on trends and developments.

Contact us today – (65) 6221 8119 for more details, to attend or sponsor /exhibit.

Email – enquiry@symphonyglobal.com

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