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Payment China 2011 – Beijing, May 25-27, 2011

Maverick China Research will serve as a Media Partner for the upcoming 5th Annual Payment China 2011 conference on May 25-27, 2011 in Beijing, China. For more information, click on the banner below.

The 5th Annual Payment China Summit 2011 is the definitive CEO level strategic summit where new breakdowns, business intelligence, cutting-edge ideas, pioneering strategies really make a difference. Bringing together 350+ executive officials, payments decision-makers and experts from 20+commercial banks, central banks, financial institutions, telecom operators, 20 Airlines, 35 public city smart card companies, a plenty of online merchants and payment industry’s regulatory bodies and associations, payments service providers and corporate treasuries worldwide to address the most pressing issues facing the China’s payment industry with highlights on Payment Systems & Regulatory; RMB internationalization and cross border settlement; Bankcard; Prepaid Industry; Electronic & Mobile Payment; Retailer and Online Merchants Solution; Cash Management & Trade Finance etc.

Time: May 25~27, 2011


Contact Michael DU at 86 21 5236 0030*6012, or email to Michael.du@globaleaders.com

Online Register at www.paymentchina.com

第五届中国支付业国际峰会2011是探索全新市场走势、商业智囊、尖端技术和领跑战略的独一无二高端峰会。届时将云集超过350位以上国内外中央银行、各大商业银行(逾20家)、银行监管机构、三大移动通讯运营商、服务提供商、支付清算机构、公司财务总监、零售商、网上商城、20家航空公司,35家城市一卡通公司等权威行业领袖,共同探讨中国支付系统,银行卡,预付,电子,手机与第三方支付, 以及现金管理与贸易融资等领域面临的重要议题。


会议地点: 国航万丽酒店 | 北京 | 中国

请联系:杜先生 电话:021 5236 0030*6012 或电邮至 Michael.du@globaleaders.com


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