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TMT China 2010 Internet & Mobile Forum – Beijing, May 31, 2010

The TMT China 2010: Internet & Mobile Forum, to be held May 31, 2010 in Beijing, will focus on exploring the most recent developments in the technology, media, & telecommunications industries.

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries are undergoing extensive changes. Major technological innovations are breaking into the mainstream. Telecom is racing forward to build a more robust infrastructure, and Media is reaching and connecting customers in ways never before thought possible.

This forum will bring together industry leaders, successful business executives, international experts and seasoned TMT investors to have an in-depth discussion about the future of the industry and innovation. Additionally, the forum will feature an “Innovation Playground” showcasing the latest TMT innovations. A few of the participating companies include Lenovo, Sony, HanAigo and Ramos.

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