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Real Name Registration for Online Shops — China Radio International

Maverick China Managing Director Dave Carini was recently interviewed by China Radio International for the People in the Know program. Host Nigel Ballard asked Dave about the regulation of e-commerce in China, focusing on recent government regulations requiring online retailers to register their businesses using real names and other personal details.

On the fear of fraud and trust in the online payment system:
In much of so-called online payment, people will order something online but then wait until products are delivered to pay, often in cash, which is a very traditional form of payment, and that’s an example of a lack of trust for many people.

On the new regulations and whether they will dampen growth:
I don’t see any reason that these laws will hinder online growth…I think the language of the laws is intended to promote growth and stability. Much of it is addressed to consumers of China, to help convince them that this is a safe sector of the economy, that the government has given its approval, and that’s okay to do business online.

To hear the full interview, click here for the streaming version or download the mp3. The interview begins at approximately the twelve-minute mark.

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