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Our Core Services

We provide tailored research and consulting services to clients from a variety of industry sectors. Typical projects include feasibility studies, market entry projects, partner selection, and commercial due diligence.

Business Data

We provide a variety of data solutions to support our clients’ business development efforts in a wide range of sectors. Typical projects include lead generation, enhancing and expanding business lists, email appends and data processing & cleanup.

Whether you need a targeted list of distilleries in Guizhou or the validation of a marketing list that is in excess of 100,000 records, we’ve got your back.

Business Research

We provide our clients with practical market assessments, competitive intelligence, bench-marking and capital markets research support based on data and insights from key industry participants across China and East Africa.

Typical projects include Qualitative Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Commercial Due Diligence, and Market Sizing & Analysis.

Market Entry

We build upon our in-depth understanding of the emerging technology markets in China and East Africa to bring business opportunities to our clients. We offer a structured, transparent, and systematic approach to market entry.

We provide feasibility studies, go-to-market plans, distribution channel selection, on-the-ground support, and strategic consulting.

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